Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week One and progress so far

Symposium, '10 is off to a flying start. The first week has seen intense discussions, with participants bringing relevant points to the fore. In the Education and Governance tracks, thoughts have concentrated around six important themes:

a) Educational Infrastructure
b) Teacher and Student Participation
c) Government and Policy Decisions
d) Student Backgrounds
e) Curriculum
f) Familial values.

The discussion forum has been the hotbed for identification of problems plaguing the educational system in rural India. The participants are also slowly veering towards the issue of tackling these problems with viable and realistic solutions that can be implemented on a national level.

Some of the posts elicited attention for both content and style. Anubhav discoursed at length on the viability of CCT's; much appreciated, but lost on the other participants. Neelakantan was highly enthusiastic in all his posts. He brought up many points, illustrated them and substantiated them with insightful videos. Ashish's points were focused and were followed up by the other participants extensively. Lord Arawn supplemented Neelakantan in his enthusiasm, and successfully consolidated the plethora of issues previously mentioned. Niharika moderated and controlled the flow of debate. Mounika, Karthikeyan and Chitra deserve special mention for their contribution. We'd also like to thank Sneha for her singular contribution.

The organising team of Symposium, '10 hopes that participants will keep up this tremendous response and continue with this quality of work in the upcoming weeks!

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