Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Education and Governance tracks - The story uptil now

Here is a quick summary of the problems identified by the participants as hampering Indian rural development:

Educational Infrastructure
Disinterest and incompetence of teachers
High overhead costs for students
Rudimentary or improvised classrooms arising out of poor construction
Mixed aged classrooms
Inaccessibility of schools in rural India
High opportunity costs of sending children to school

Teacher and Student Participation
Disinterested educators
Low enrollment of students
Low motivation of teachers due to inadequate pay

Government and Policy Decisions
Bureaucracy, i.e. corruption and red-tapism
Diversion of funds away from the educational sector
Government schools tied up by red-tapism

Student Backgrounds
Gender disparities - Unequal sex ratio (in dropout levels) Especially in Rajasthan, Punjab and Gujarat.
Religious disparities
Size of land holdings
Caste-related problems
Academic performance affected by malnutrition
Poverty and child labour drawing children from classrooms
Lack of attendance of students from agricultural backgrounds
Family size (the larger the size of the family, the lesser the education levels of children)
Physical handicaps of children lead to discrimination
Cultural discontinuity of tribal children in schools
Variances in language of instruction

Outdated syllabus
Curriculum is impractical
Lack of structure and focus
Basic functional literacy is inadequate
Large number of educational systems

Familial values
Lack of parental support

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