Monday, September 13, 2010

The General State of Affairs

Ladies and Gentlemen, you may have by now realized that the Symposium has hauled itself into its second week. The agenda, the itinerary and whatever else it is that is to be set for the week has been set and things should move on in a jolly fashion now. Everybody is happy we presume. If not, ask us politely and we will conveniently ignore you.

I was honestly surprised to note that one thread had 93 replies in them. I was stunned. I mean, 93? May be you guys can have a race to hundred or something and the person who makes the cent gets some sort of unofficial prize. And, umm, I don't think this bright idea of mine is going to be financed by the high and mighty over here. Like many bright ideas, this one too seems ahead of its time. So it's left to you guys to do something about it.

Toodle-oo! And get back to work.

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